Verizon Slows Netflix traffic

Verizon slows Netflix traffic. Verizon has admitted to slowing down connection speeds for users watching online video. It insists it was part of a test and was not a deliberate attempt to penalize Netflix or users.

Many users noticed the slowdown last week according to Fast. com, a website Netflix launched last year to let people test their connection speeds. Multiple sources reported getting slower figures on this site than on other speed testing sites.

The slowdown still attracted attention, however, given the longrunning suspicion that some Internet providers believe Netflix should pay them a fee since so much data is used on streaming its services. It appears the slowdown may have been aimed at all Internet video rather than Netflix specifically. Some Verizon users noted that switching to a Virtual Private Network tripled their data connection speed to YouTube.

Verizon Slows Netflix traffic | admin | 4.5
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