GSM and CDMA Have Great Reach in America!

GSM and CDMA Have Great Reach in America! When compared in head to head, then of course GSM and also CDMA has many differences. Although when first launched, they both use 2G or both are the second generation, but from many aspects both very different. The difference between the two covers many aspects. Here are some aspects that differentiate GSM with CDMA:

Broad BTS Coverage

The first aspect that we can compare between GSM and CDMA is the wide coverage and also the number of base stations available. It can be seen clearly that the coverage of BTS owned by GSM is much more than CDMA. This is because certain regions do not have many customers, so that the development of CDMA base stations is also declining.

In addition, the popularity of GSM also increase the influence, why the number of BTS owned by GSM is much more when compared with CDMA.

Roaming Capabilities Held

The second aspect that we can compare about the difference between GSM and CDMA is about roaming capability. Roaming is the ability of a telecommunication network to work in certain areas. Technically speaking, GSM has roaming capability, which makes GSM available anywhere within the region in Indonesia, in general.

Unlike GSM, CDMA can not always be used freely. Because when you use CDMA based network then you will be charged additional fee, that is roaming fee. To avoid this, most CDMA network operators will introduce a combo service feature to avoid roaming, allowing a CDMA operator number to have the same number as the GSM number, so as not to get roaming.

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Number of Users

When viewed based on the number of users, then surely GSM is the most widely used operators in Indonesia, even the world, especially Europe. This makes a lot of GSM operators are expanding and expanding its network to all corners.

Investment Cost

Differences from both GSM and CDMA mobile networks can also be seen from the investment costs incurred. The investment cost incurred for implementing a mobile network system using code or CDMA technology is much cheaper when compared to GSM. This is caused because the implementation of CDMA networks tend to be easier and also more simple, which then of course will affect the cost of investment.

How is the Price of GSM and CDMA System Devices and Services in America?

If we look at the difference in investment costs that must be incurred, it will certainly affect the cost of the device and also the cost of mobile network service system. CDMA which has a low investment cost will cause mobile phone devices that move on CDMA network has a cheaper price.

One concrete example is Apple’s popular phone device, the Iphone 4. There are two variants, namely CDMA and GSM. In terms of price, the CDMA iPhone has a much cheaper price compared to the GSM version. In addition to device prices, subscription fees and also other costs associated with the implementation of CDMA networks will be much cheaper than GSM.

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