Differences in GSM and CDMA Network and Internet in America

Differences in GSM and CDMA in Networks and the Internet in America Since the first time a mobile phone technology and mobile phones began to be introduced in Indonesia and also the world, when it also appears two types of networks used on a mobile phone. Both networks are GSM and CDMA. Surely you’ve all heard this one term, right? GSM and CDMA are also two different technologies that support the functionality of a mobile phone, especially the function of the phone and SMS function.

What are the differences between the two? Then what makes them also widely used? Which one is better? Well, in this article will be discussed about the differences of GSM and CDMA in Network and Internet in America from several aspects. But before discussing the difference between the two, then it’s good we learn first what it is gsm and CDMA.


GSM itself is Gsm itself is short for Global System for Mobile Communication. From the name is already very clear, that GSM was deliberately created for the benefit of wireless networks using mobile phones. When first launched massively, GSM works on 900 Mhz network frequencies that become second generation communications systems, or commonly known as 2G which can access the internet.

GSM itself basically works with the timeslot feature, which is one of the development of Time Division Multiple Access technology, which allows each user to send data and also information based on time-divided units. This makes each data packet fragmented into a given timeslot. This Timeslot is a slot that will be used by GSM network for some time or temporarily.

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Then, what about CDMA? CDMA itself stands for Code Division Multiple Access. This extension can be interpreted as a multiaccess that can be achieved by using certain codes. Technically, CDMA network users will then use a unique code in order to access an existing channel on the system. Unique code, meaning each user will have different codes with each other.

CDMA itself was originally widely used for military radio communications systems owned by the United States, which later in the year 90 was developed by Qualcomm who later patented it. In 1993, CDMA was used as a digital cellular standard in the United States.

Then What GSM and CDMA Equations In Networks and the Internet in America?

Although both types of mobile networks have differences, but both have the same function, both CDMA and GSM networks can both access data, text, and voice. That means, users who want to access the internet can also use GSM or CDMA cellular network, because both of them already support.

When compared in head to head, then of course GSM and also CDMA In Network and Internet in America have many differences. Although when first launched, they both use 2G or both are the second generation, but from many aspects both very different.

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