Unlimited 4G LTE Data MetroPCS Plans $25

This is new MetroPCS deals, Unlimited 4G LTE Data MetroPCS Plans $25 for second line onward.  Yes, starting August 8th, at MetroPCS, you can get your first line of unlimited 4G LTE data, talk and text for just $50.  Then you can add up to four more lines for just $25 per line. It means, you can now get two unlimited lines for just $75 – period.

MetroPCS Plans $25

If you want get more 8GB of 4G LTE hotspot data, you  just $10 more,  per line for the entire family. Of course, all this MetroPCS Plans $25  promotion is made possible by T-Mobile’s nationwide LTE network, the network built for unlimited.

The $50 MetroPCS Unlimited Plan includes

  • No Annual Contract
  • Taxes and Regulatory Fees Included
  • 4G LTE T-Mobile Network*
  • Music Unlimited™
  • Data Maximizer™
  • NEW! Scam ID
  • WI-FI Calling, Caller ID,
    Call Waiting, 3-Way Calling
  • Voicemail and Visual Voicemail
  • Premium Directory Assistance

Add up to 4 additional lines and build a family plan with a $25 discount on each additional line! That’s HALF OFF on UNLIMITED 4G LTE. With Scam ID you’ll instantly see when calls come in from known scammers. It will work automatically on all phones with Caller ID. There’s nothing to install and Scam ID is included in all plans at no additional charge. Video streams @ 480p. During congestion, top 3% of users (>32GB/mo.) may notice reduced speeds

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