List of USA Cellular Provider That You Must Know!

List of USA Cellular Provider That You Must Know! Some of my friends once asked the operator I use for a smartphone? Of course, because we are Indonesian people. It is no wonder that they expect a familiar answer (like Telkomsel, Indosat, Axis, Three, etc. Yes, definitely not. Name telecommunication operators in all countries are definitely different.

Do you know USA? Check out the following reviews about USA cellular provider that familiar in that country.

AT & T

Is the number 1 largest operator in the USA. This is like Telkomsel in Indonesia. Many of them use this operator, although until now not yet know whether “AT & T” it is an abbreviation or indeed it’s named. But it’s okay, the emblem of an adorable round blue globe.


This is also a big one. Many people use this for internet at home, not for a smartphone anyway. But pretty speeding with friendly prices.


Sprint is quite famous. As I recall, Sprint was the first time in the USA to commercialize the 3G CDMA EVDO “Internet Data Card” (or whatever it was). Which AT & T followed later on. People use it to have his internet data card subscription. Live plugin Laptop, and wherever located, can access the internet. Wow, that’s really cool, pride is not playing. directly login YM and show off with your friends in Indonesian about this technology. But the cost of the subscription does not match on many people pocket, it’s cost much.


Is the first operator that many people use when in USA. Her colour is quirky, and her ringtones are also typical: do-do-do-mi-do (if curious, you can find her youtube link).  Reportedly T-Mobile is willing to be acquired with AT&T.

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Its market share is the low-end user because its pre-paid sim card is the cheapest in the USA. Only cost about some cent for a call. And 5 cents per send / receive SMS. In accordance with his motto, “no bills, no contract, no evil” (his advertising cartoon also exists)

Of course in this capitalist country, USA cellular provider are not just the ones I mentioned above. Still many the other, including with funny names. For example Alltell (like AT & T), Virgin Mobile, etc. But those operators who have so far impressed many people.

Okay, now what is the difference between the world of mobile telephones USA and Indonesia in general? I have not really understood in detail, but as far as I know, this is his description:

Contract System: Almost all mobile phones (and operators) in the USA have a contract system. What does that mean? Each of his own phone operators and cell phone sellers makes such a bond.

Then the consequences? Impact, sim card and Telephone are sold simultaneously. Rarely sold separately.

So, What’s The Big Impact on The User of USA Cellular Provider?

This makes the smartphone in the USA cannot be inserted sim card that is not in accordance with the operator cellular. Like the iPhone, it just happens to be binding on a contract with AT & T. So, the iPhone operator is just AT & T, meaning AT & T that sells iPhone in USA this. So if want to have an iPhone, automatic only can operate AT & T USA cellular provider.

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