Operator in America is Ready to Provide 5G Service

Operator in America is Ready to give 5G Service for its users. AT & T one of the operators in America, announced yesterday that this year will also provide 5G services using 3GPP 5G New Radio (NR) technology standard. Precisely at the end of 2018. What this operator does is use the existing network infrastructure with LTE gigabit support which according to this company as evolution 5G. And for the test it will be done also fixed standard 5G fixed in housing and company.

Previously, Verizon as a major competitor of AT & T has also announced to provide broadband services in companies and other services that use fixed wireless 5G in mid 2018. The plan, AT & T which is the Operator in America will provide 5G Evolution service in 23 areas. Including Atlanta, Boston, New York, Chicago, San Francisco and Houston.

This operator promises to be able to provide services with faster speed mobile. All that can be done because AT & T uses 4 × 4 MIMO technology, 256 QAM and carrier aggregation. In addition to the specified 5G mobile specifications, AT & T also said it will continue to add hundreds of more areas.

The wireless 5G wireless experiments, already started in Austin using standard equipment, and expanded to Waco, Kalamazoo and South Bend. The test proves the use of millimeter waves to provide housing and enterprise use cases to several residential units, small businesses and education customers. “5G will change the way we live, work and enjoy entertainment,” said Melissa Arnoldi, president, AT & T Technology and Operations.

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Arnoldi added “We are moving quickly to begin implementing 5G mobile this year and begin to open the future of connectivity for consumers and businesses. With faster speed and ultra low latency, 5G will ultimately provide and enhance an experience like virtual reality, future driverless cars, deep 4K videos, and more. ”

Arnoldi mentions latency, a key feature of 5G. To that end, the carrier notes the role of edge computing, which distributes computing and storage to put equipment and services closer to the end user, in a larger strategy.

To provide the best service, AT & T also made a variety of trial efforts. Beginning with Licensed Assisted Access, the use of fixed wireless in most rural areas, continues to build fiber assets, including G.fast, a technology that increases the transmission speed of existing copper cables, and Project AirGig, which leverages the power infrastructure to deliver high-speed broadband.

How are the developments of operators in America today?

The need for telecommunications today has become a high priority. Nowadays everybody is trying to connect with communication network anytime and anywhere. Therefore presented technology that has mobility access is a cellular network

The development of operator in America is quite rapid, from the first generation technology (1G) to the latest generation is currently the fourth generation (4G) or also often called 4G LTE. These developments exist because of the needs of people in the digital age, where every communication device requires a network that continues to connect anywhere or called mobile networks, and 5G has now emerged.

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