The Different of Internet Speed in USA and Indonesia

The Different of Internet Speed in USA and Indonesia that you must know. Internet network can’t we deny again has become one of the primary human needs. Without the internet access, it’s hard to imagine everyday human life, especially in this modern era. We can’t find out about anything on Google. Can’t share and surfing on social media. To not be able to perform various important activities such as browsing the material thesis or send an important e-mail to the boss.

The internet itself was originally developed by companies from the United States, ARPANET (Advance Research Project Agency Network). So no wonder, as the ‘inventor’ of course the quality of the internet speed in USA is better than other countries. What about our beloved country Indonesia? How far does internet speed difference in America and Indonesia? Let’s find out.

Judging from the fact that America is the ‘inventor’ of the internet. Then certainly the internet there faster than in the groundwater. But how far is the difference? Then, what is the cause of the speed difference? It was indeed caused by several factors:


In some American states, call it New York, Florida to California. Its internet speed touched 30 megabytes/second. In the capital city of Washington DC, the internet speed has tripled to 10 megabytes/second. More excited, the NASA office is also located in DC have internet speed up to 90,000 megabytes/sec! That means Despacito song you can download in 0.00009 seconds or less than a fraction of your time breathe!

Compare with Indonesia, our internet speed recorded only reached 4.9 megabytes/second. That’s mean only half of the internet speed in New York.

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Technology (Fiber Optic Cable)

Technological factors would be one of the determinants of internet speed in USA. States consisting of many states already use technology in the form of fiber optic cable. Also working with telecommunications companies like Comcast, Verizon and AT & T. They can use the technology to spread good and stable internet quality across the country.

Indonesia itself also cooperates with several telecommunication companies such as Telkomsel, Indosat and XL. Unfortunately, the use of technology that is not as advanced as America certainly makes us lag. As a result, there are still many areas of the homeland that have not been able to feel the presence of the internet.

What is The Biggest Factor That Can Make The Internet Speed in USA Faster?


The use of technology also depends on how much capital is spent. Although many say money is not everything. In fact, a large amount of money can make the quality of the internet in a country super fast. America spends up about $ 428 million or equivalent to Rp 5.7 trilion !

Compare with the amount of money budgeted by the Indonesian government that ‘only’ amounted to Rp 844 billion per year. Not to mention if the existing budget has been corrupted by certain elements. Let alone to cool the speed of the American Internet, to simply provide the Internet across the country wrote it was difficult.

The final word

Although still lagging behind, internet in Indonesia actually continues to progress and develop you know. Maybe still left behind with internet speed in USA. But, it’s still good to have an internet access.

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