Android Smartphone & American Operator Ready to Welcome 5G Network Next Year

Android Smartphone & American Operator Ready to Welcome 5G Network Next Year! Qualcomm, a United States based company engaged in the communications industry is in a mission to bring the 5G network to the world, and most will apply 5G technology into various devices in the next generation.

February 8 yesterday, Qualcomm announced that it has partnered with 19 technology device manufacturers, and all will be using X50 5G modems that are compatible with the companies of the American Operator Carriers. At least one of their many new devices will release in 5G networks by 2019.

The X50 modem will be used for this year’s 5G network trials

Other partnerships are also conducted with various operators worldwide, which will also use X50 modem for this year’s 5G trials. We can enjoy the super fast 5G speed on the smartphone as long as it is in the area that supports the network.

The four largest US cellular operators say they will begin launching the 5G network by the end of 2018, with national access expected to slide by 2020. AT & T’s mobile operators claim to be the first to test.

World smartphone companies and the largest mobile operators have established cooperation to welcome the 5G network

The X50 modem itself is capable of supporting data connections up to 5 gigabits per second. Although we may not experience such speed in the real world, at least hundreds of megabits per second connection, maybe even gigabit becomes a major increase in the speed of modern 4G LTE network.

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In the announcement, it is HTC, LG, Sony, Oppo, and ZTE are just planning to apply this 5G in the future. On different occasions, Qualcomm and Samsung have also announced to work together on this 5G network.

Meanwhile, mobile operators also do not want to lose. Call it AT & T, Sprint, T-Mobile, and Verizon in the United States, as well as other operators around the world, like Telstra Australia and China Mobile are also ready with this idea.

Some big company names like Apple and Huawei do not show their enthusiasm

There are some big company names that are not on the list. Apple is one of them. Although this is actually not surprising given the relationship between Qualcomm and Apple is full of hustle and bustle. Huawei was not on the list. Naturally considering this Chinese company continues to focus on developing its own chip and plans to release its own 5G network this year.

What is the Best American Operator Now?

Qualcomm seems to be in the best position in the 5G development. The reason this company has worked with most of the Android manufacturers for years until now, and the partnership will almost certainly continue to the next generation of chipsets and modems.

For now, the company is working with the new giant Android company in the world and also the American Operator. But hopefully 5G network can quickly get to Indonesia also deh!

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