Spigen Ultra Hybrid iPhone 6 Price

Spigen Ultra Hybrid iPhone 6 new prices now is $24.99

The Ultra Hybrid® Series case for the iPhone 6 is the perfect blend of a bumper and a full enclosure case made of a durably soft TPU bumper and a clear PC back panel. Excellent protection and grip with flush buttons maintain the minimalistic look of the iPhone 6 for the obvious choice in clear and comfortable protection.

Below some review from Spigen user. They overall give high rank and satisfied using this Ultra Hybrid case.

I got mine two days ago and it fits my phone really well. I like the overall protection it provides. Although I must say that the mint one – the one that I got tends to get dirty quite easily. I’ve had it for two days and it already has some dark smudges around it. Reeve Steadler.

I purchased this case via amazon last week and I really loved it. Problem is, my phone has the FlexHD screen protector on it, but the top part of my screen protector keeps on popping up. I thought it was because it was already a year used so i replaced with a new one since i have spare film. Unfortunately, same thing happened. No idea what to do now. Im a little annoyed with that screen film whenever i use my phone. I have the Tough Armor Case btw, when i tried putting my phone in there, the film doesnt pop up. Katie Harris

I love this case, you Can see the beautiful design of the iPhone and i dropped it when i was on my bike and i biked over it , i know so stupid but my phone is still perfect, the only downside is that the mint colourd case, the one I got get dirty very fast, but overall it is a great case and i love it. Amber

My favorite case! I knew Spigen cases were popular so I bought it for my iPhone 6. I’ve used it for about 6 months now and I love it! I have the clear and metal slate color for my silver iPhone and I love both of them. I do recommend getting the color ones because of the soft/smooth material of the bumper part of the case. Jenny

Some user have dropped their iPhone several times and reported no damage to the phone with this case. Buttons are all functional with the case on. The charger and earphone port sections of the case have enough space around it. The clear back of the case is super crystal clear. So recommend it to everyone who wants a simple to use Spigen Ultra Hybrid iPhone 6.

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