What is Sprint Carrier Call Utility

This week some Sprint user reported their phone suddenly have installed Sprint Carrier Call Utility without their permission. So what is Sprint Carrier Call Utility new application? why suddenly display in their cell phones and can’t be uninstalled?

This Carrier Call Utility have never seen before. It just appeared today. Looks like it was pushed down from Sprint. It’s called simply “Carrier Call Utility” and the icon is the Sprint logo. Version of application is 6.0.015.

Sprint Carrier Call Utility

Strangely the Carrier Call Utility can’t be opened, stopped, or uninstalled. The app take your memory space around 17 MB.

Sprint Carrier Call Utility

Some Sprint customer said they really annoying. Try to “Force Stop” and “Uninstall” in app setting menu to disable the app that way. It showed way too many permissions for it to access your files and information anyway. It said that all data would be lost if you did, and asked if you wanted to revert back to the old app. After you agree, the app was replaced with the old Sprint Zone app.

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Try to get confirmation from Sprint website but not found detail information about this Sprint Carrier Call Utility app. So, for the time being, if you disturbed by this app, try to force stop first.

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