Net10 No Contract Hotspot

Net10 no contract hotspot. In USA, beside Verizon with their MIFI Jetpack, we have other option. Yes, Net10 also release their no contract hotspot wifi package.

Net10 ZTE 4G no contract hotspot have 5GB of Data for 365 days with support 4G LTE/Wi-Fi connectivity. You can connect up to 5 Wi-Fi-enabled devices. The Net10 ZTE 4G modem device also have screen icon indicators for signal strength, battery life and others.

Net10 No Contract Hotspot

Net10 No Contract Hotspot

The mobile WiFi hotspot modem lets you enjoy mobile data wherever you go. It’s compact enough to fit in your pocket for easy transport during mobile. There’s no software to install so you can get going right away. It comes with a charger to help you stay powered. You can choose from your choice of plans for greater flexibility.

I was skeptical that this actually had 5gb for 1 year but I created a Net10 account and activated it (without any data card) and it did indeed come up with 5gb and 1 year, an amazing value. That said it does seem to be throttled a bit in its speed compared to another ZTE Hotspot I have from Straight Talk. YouTube videos barely play at lowest quality, but for many other purposes should be good. These were sold some time ago on HSN as a special deal and there are still some out there for sale.

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I was sceptical when purchasing this item, when I ordered it was only 12.98 so it wouldn’t be much of a waste if it didn’t work so I bought it I got it yesterday looks slick works great I’m using it right this moment as well, I even connected it to my Nintendo switch and it ran it fine also it did come with the 5gb of internet like the add says anywhere else this setup would have been around 100 dollars without tax so happy I found this great product

Above some reviews from user in Amazon website. But unfortunately, this Net10 ZTE no-contract hotspot currently unavailable. You can monitor that once available by click this link to check. thanks.

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