Latest Price for Cricket Unlimited Data Plan

Cricket Wireless just revealed their new unlimited plan. With cost $70 they offer unlimited talk, text and data, include for in and between the U.S., Mexico and Canada. Cricket claim this bigger network than T-Mobile. After you pay a $5 Auto Pay credit, it’s only $65/month for single smartphone line.

Cricket Unlimited Data Plan

With this Cricket Unlimited Data Plan, you’ll receive a high-quality mobile experience from the start regardless of how much data you use. As with all Cricket plans, download speeds are up to a maximum of 8 Mbps for compatible 4G LTE devices and 4 Mbps for compatible 4G devices. As always, actual speeds may vary by location and device. Please remember Mobile Hotspot feature available is not available when use this plan.

If you sign up for Auto Pay, you’ll receive a $5 bill credit applied to your account a few days before your billing due date. If you sign up for Auto Pay at checkout, or as a current customer within 7 days of your due date, you’ll receive the Auto Pay credit starting with your next month’s billing cycle. Please note that the Auto Pay Credit is not available for accounts receiving a Group Save discount.

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If you use Group Save, you  can save up to $100 each month when you have 5 eligible lines on your account. For example, if you have 5 lines on one account and all lines are on the $70 Unlimited Plan, you would pay $250/mo instead of $350/mo with Group Save discounts.

Cricket’s network is not only bigger, it’s more reliable and has more 4G LTE coverage than T-Mobile, MetroPCS, and Sprint. Cricket customers enjoy a great experience at our current data speeds, plus they get more reliability and depth of network as an overall package compared to T-Mobile. Our network provides data download speeds of up to 8Mbps for compatible 4G LTE devices which is more than sufficient for surfing the web, playing games, watching movies, etc.

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