2017 Best Mobile Hotspot Unlimited Data Plan

Most of wireless company in US offer mobile hotspot data as bonus if you pay unlimited data plan. But what’s carrier that offer best mobile hotspot unlimited data plan for 2017? Let’s compare that.

Most of US big wireless company  now offer an unlimited option.  T-Mobile, Verizon, Sprint and AT&T have unlimited data package option. They have schema pay monthly for individual phone and also by multiple line / smartphone.

Best Mobile Hotspot Unlimited Data Plan

So it’s a good thing that T-Mobile’s $70-a-month T-Mobile One plan is  still the best unlimited plan for single smartphone. You can see from table below. It’s $10 more expensive than Sprint’s unlimited data plan, but you get a better network and other perks with T-Mobile. Verizon’s newly unveiled unlimited plan costs $10 more than T-Mobile’s plan, though both carriers let you stream video at 720p. But Verizon now have promotion until end of March cut cost become $50 per month and claim stream video up to 1080p.


CarrierUnlimited Data Plan PriceFeaturesWhy you choose this
T-Mobile$70HD video streaming, 10GB of hotspot dataYou want a simple bill and T-Mobile’s regular freebies
Verizon$80HD video streaming, 10GB of hotspot dataYou appreciate Verizon’s network performance and reach
Sprint$60HD video streaming, 10GB of hotspot data, music streaming capped at 1.5 MbpsYou want the lowest price, regardless of network quality
AT&T$100 HD video streaming, no hotspot dataYou really want unlimited data through AT&T



You can see from comparison table above, none wireless carrier company offer mobile hotspot unlimited data plan. T-Mobile, Verizon and Sprint only offer 10GB of hotspot data and AT&T not at all. But if  you agree to add $25 per month, you can choose T-Mobile. With this add-on cost, you will get those standard bonuses from T-Mobile unlimited data plus you can get unlimited hotspot data. Beside that you also get unlimited calling from the U.S to landlines in 70-plus countries and mobile numbers in 30-plus countries.

So conclusion so far, T-Mobile still is the best both single line unlimited data and mobile hotspot unlimited data plan. Okay, it’s my review, decision by you.

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