American Cellular Provider Will Leps Iphone 6 For Free!

American Cellular Provider Will Leps Iphone 6 For Free! Not one day today iPhone 6 is shown to the public, mobile phone operators in the United States have been racing to offer promotional packages. No kidding, one operator even dare to give the sophisticated mobile phone for free despite special conditions. Verizon Wireless directly responds to the emergence of iPhone 6 with the release of promotional packages for consumers.

Cellular Provider Company is ready to provide new iPhone for free as long as prospective customers want to meet special requirements. To get the facility, consumers must be willing to redeem their old iPhone and sign a post-paid contract agreement for two years. As is known, mobile phone subscription system in the United States using the contract system for a certain period like a home phone line and office.

Operating companies usually do provide discounts to potential customers who want to make a new contract, but the products provided more to the old series phones and not the latest variant. The old iPhone exchange mechanism with the new one is pretty easy. Users only have to carry their old phone, then sign a two-year contract. After that, Verizon will give a gift of $ 200 which can be redeemed directly with iPhone 6 whenever and at any outlet for $ 199 per unit.

The company has not announced until when this promotion is valid. As for the iPhone models received ranging from series 4, 4S, 5, 5S to 5C, with the note the goods are still working properly. As a reciprocal, consumers are entitled to get the iPhone 6 with a memory capacity of 16GB. Even so, for some people the offer is considered to be detrimental.

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The reason is on the site selling and buying online, 5S unit price is rising up to the price of $ 300. The way of Verizon’s promotion by giving a two-year contract terms is an old strategy that has been abandoned by other operators such as T-Mobile and Sprint. But Verizon’s marketing team remains convinced that the appeal of phones to go on sale from September 19 is still able to attract new customers.

Can Mobile Providers Sell Customer Data?

Customer data such as name, gender, age, address, and so on, can be utilized for the benefit of the company. The data can be sold to third parties to reap the benefits. As Verizon’s cellular providers recognize, their customer data has been provided to third parties for business purposes. Verizon is the first mobile operator from the United States (US) to recognize that they sell customer data, such as name, gender, age, and customer address for sale to businesspeople.

These data are useful for third parties to analyze their age, gender, and prospective locations. In fact, Verizon can provide reports to third parties about where their customers go, based on mobile phone network tracking. In addition to Verizon, Sprint also admits selling their customer data to third parties. Sprint can even sell web address data that is always visited by mobile users, to what browser is always used. This information is important for third parties to determine which websites will be advertised.

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